Truck Rental on Providenciales

Scooter Bob's pick-up truck for rent on Providenciales


Enjoy the island in a sleek 4-door pick-up truck, left-hand drive, automatic, sexy gunmetal gray.

RATES: $150/day or $120/5 days or more. Plus taxes. Enquire here

After you get your fishing license at Scooter Bob’s car rental, it’s possible that you could catch a very large fish and need to rent a truck to haul it back to your kitchen. Maybe you went fishing with BiteMe Fishing Charter in Turtle Cove, just two minutes down the hill from Scooter Bob’s rental on Providenciales.

In the Turks and Caicos you will meet many friendly people. If you rent a truck from Scooter Bob you could take all your new friends on picnic to the beach. If you only find a few for a picnic, rent something smaller than a truck, perhaps rent an economy van at Scooter Bob’s.

Uhaul your pile on Provo. Scooter Bob’s rental truck is the best uhaul on Providenciales. Hire this rental truck and load it up with all your knicky knackys and move on down the road. Then you have time to get your ballyhoo and visit BiteMe or go paddling with Surfside.